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My name is Jessi Joy. In EVE Online I am Naughty Cargo, currently a member of Shadow Cartel. I am a 22-year old Aussie chick who loves playing computer games, being cute and writing. This is part of my story, where I can talk about whatever I want. Welcome to the madhouse!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quick Update

Cause people keep asking me, thought I'd do one mass thingy XD

I will be having to de-acc Naughty in 20 days, because that's when her game time runs out, and I have run out of iskies :P Cept one plex which I will save for when I want to activate the account again. And I can't log in and play anyways, I was just keeping the skill queue going. Awesome logi toon ftw! XD (Actually not far from true- all my logi skills have gone up to almost perfect. XD)

Anyways, I'll still try and blog where I can about EVE, but my recent... frustration.. has dulled any enthusiasm I had for events that are streamed from in game. But whatever. lol.

I'll be back when I can! :D

Also, next post will probably be about EVE Nottingham meet :) Photos included if I can get em :P

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